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Welcome to Free Period Angus

The Period Poverty campaign was launched by the Scottish Government nationally in August 2018. Angus Community Planning Partnership took the decision to collaborate to ensure everyone in Angus has access to free period products. To drive awareness and information Free Period Angus (FPA) was launched in March 2020.

Free Period Angus three main objectives:

  • Reduce stigma

  • Raise awareness of free product locations across a target demographic

  • Ultimately eradicate period poverty in Angus

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Find our free products throughout Angus

Our free period products are stocked in multiple locations throughout Angus including council buildings, schools and colleges, sports halls, health and medical centres and third sector organisations.

More locations are added each month as businesses start to reopen after the covid lockdown. To find your nearest locations please click below.

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We will eradicate period poverty in Angus

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 young people and adults are in period poverty in Scotland

  • Over one person’s lifetime period products wil cost approximately £18K

  • The average cost per month for periods products is £13

  • 137,700 (1 in 10) young people have missed because they can’t afford products 

  • Nearly half of all girls are embarrassed by their period and afraid to ask for help

What we’re doing

In 2019, together with Tayside Contracts, we distributed:

  • 37,942 period pads

  • 27,767 tampons

In 2020 in the height of the covid pandemic, we partnered with Hey Girls to get period products delivered straight to people. To date we have sent:

  • 3 months worth of Hey Girls period products to 442 people

  • 112 Hey Girls Menstrual Cups and Cup Cups

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Become a
Period Positive Employer

Angus Period Positive Campaign is about making products accessible to all while removing the stigma associated with periods and menstrual health. In Angus we believe that it’s ok to talk about periods and the increased engagement around this has improved local people’s quality of life and created peer support networks.

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What’s happening in Angus

Virtual Red Tent Events

Every month the Angus Community Partnership and Angus Creative Minds host a virtual Red Tent Event. Red Tent Events gives people the opportunity to have honest and open discussions about menopause, menstrual wellbeing and mental health in a safe and supportive environment.

Breast Buddies Angus

Breast Buddies Angus is aiming to improve breastfeeding rates in Angus by providing breastfeeding peer support to new parents. The project will train and develop the volunteers to run groups throughout the area and is managed by Volunteer Action Angus.


In celebration of World Menopause Day, on Thursdays at 6.30pm from September 10th to October 15th Pausitivity will be showcasing experts in the menopause and mid-life field to help people #KnowYourMenopause

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