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About Free Period Angus

Why we started

The Period Poverty campaign was launched by the Scottish Government nationally in August 2018.

Our aim is to eradicate period poverty in Angus and Free Period Angus is the Angus Community Planning Partnership programme to deliver on the local vision. This links to the National programme launched by Scottish Government in August 2018 to ensure that anybody experiencing Period Poverty had access to period products. This is being delivered in 3 ways – Support to schools, Colleges and Communities. This approach was co-produced with local representatives from the public, private and voluntary sector with regular engagement with local communities to ensure the right services are being delivered.

As well as distributing products Free Period Angus has circulated educational information to parents and local women in order to help them have valuable discussions with their families and ensure that periods are no longer a taboo subject.

period poverty in angus

Find our free products throughout Angus

Our free period products are stocked in multiple locations throughout Angus including council buildings, schools and colleges, sports halls, health and medical centres and third sector organisations.

More locations are added each month as businesses start to reopen after the covid lockdown. To find your nearest locations please click below.

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Become a Period Positive Employer

Angus Period Positive Campaign is about making products accessible to all while removing the stigma associated with periods and menstrual health. In Angus we believe that it's ok to talk about periods and the increased engagement around this has improved local people’s quality of life and created peer support networks.

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