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Eradicating Period Poverty in Angus

What is period poverty?

Period poverty is where people are unable to afford basic menstrual hygiene products. Research by Plan International UK has highlighted the scale of period poverty in the UK. It revealed that one in ten young people have been unable to afford period products and have had to improvise sanitary wear because of the cost.

Scott Gibson, Chair of the Angus Community Planning Partnership, said:

“In Scotland 1 in 5 people are affected by period poverty which is 1 too many. Angus Community Planning Partnership are committed to eradicating period poverty in Angus by 2021.”

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What we’re doing

Throughout 2019/20 37,942 pads and 27,676 tampons have been distributed. Throughout the COVID pandemic 780 people have signed up to have 3 months of products delivered direct to their door. Our health visitors also distribute our products on their round to patients and vulnerable groups – a key area of success has been linking in with support groups for example Breast Buddies to reach key minority groups and ensure that everyone has access to products.

Alongside the distribution of products, a Period and Menopause Policy was developed and launched in Angus on 18th October 2019. This policy is aimed at ensuring that employees are given support throughout periods and menopause. This was one of the very first of its kind in Scotland.

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Sustainability & Periods

Sustainability and the environment are important with Angus being a rural area. To support the poverty and wellbeing agenda we partnered with Proper Pads, a local social enterprise who make washable cloth pads. In total 16 proper pad workshops have been held. Our workshops have been very well received. The workshops allow people to make 2 reusable products, but an unintended consequence has been the relationships people have built through developing these products together and having rich conversations with each other. To date 56 people have attended our workshops, including a women’s community justice project, with 100% of attendees advising they would recommend them to others.

Period Poverty in Angus

We launched a survey in March 2020 asking participants about their menstrual wellbeing and experiences with period poverty. In total 933 people responded. The data from one our questions is below.

Has an inability to buy sanitary towels or tampons stopped you going to school/work? If yes, how did that make you feel?

Pie chart with 76% yes and 24% no, question asked - have you missed school or work due to not being able to afford period products

It was horrible because I had to answer why I am unable to go to work. People didn’t like to hear that I can’t afford buy sanitary products”


“Left out, scared and worried that i was going to get in trouble for being truant/absent. I also felt annoyed that I cant get them for free anywhere”


“Horrible because I’m missing days of education because I am unable to purchase products for something that i cannot control”

Find our free products throughout Angus

Our free period products are stocked in multiple locations throughout Angus including council buildings, schools and colleges, sports halls, health and medical centres and third sector organisations.

More locations are added each month as businesses start to reopen after the covid lockdown. To find your nearest locations please click below.

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Become a Period Positive Employer

Angus Period Positive Campaign is about making products accessible to all while removing the stigma associated with periods and menstrual health. In Angus we believe that it's ok to talk about periods and the increased engagement around this has improved local people’s quality of life and created peer support networks.

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